A-League All Stars v Juventus

Once again, Australia has attracted another European powerhouse football club to our sandy shores.

Italian Seria A Champions Juventus, who tonight will take on a fan selected A-League Allstars side at the ANZ Stadium.

Australia football fans will be able to witness some of the greatest footballers that the game has ever seen.Players such as Pirlo, the midfield wizard, Buffon, Italy’s finest GK of all time, and of course the man that made this all possible in the 1st place Alessandro Del Piero.

All stars v juventus


Del Piero is worshiped by most of the Italian population, but the Juventus fans take this adoration to the next level, and regularly refer to this man as “GOD”.

In their eyes, he has earned this title  due to the way that he plays the beautiful game, to the goals and subsequent success he has brought to Juventus over the years.

So, when Del Piero signed for Sydney FC in 2012 the impact around the globe was instant. Prompting an Italian TV company  to air the Sydney FC matches just so that they could watch their hero glide past players and score his trade mark free kicks each week.

del piero

Del Piero has certainly helped to put Australian football on the map, but It’s also the passion of the Australian football fans and the FFA that have helped to attract the best teams in the world to our stadiums. The A-League is growing bigger and better each season, with increasing membership numbers, and TV viewing figures proving this fact.

When Man Utd and Liverpool came to Australia to play trial matches last year, the crowds and the atmosphere surrounding the teams had to be seen to be believed.

Now, I have seen many amazing things over my 20 year playing career, but the scene’s in Melbourne when Liverpool walked onto the football field and 90,000 fans started singing Liverpool’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was the most hair raising, spine tingling experience I have had to this day.

Never have I witnessed anything like it. The Liverpool players’ mouths literally dropped in sheer amazement at the volume and passion of our fans.

I realised that was to be a pinnacle moment in Australian football, and relished the fact that we would now regularly see big teams travel to Australia,  purely because of the way that Australia was embracing these teams and matches.


liverpool crowd

Speaking of the Man Utd and Liverpool’s tour of Australia, I was lucky enough to be asked by Channel 7 if I would be interested in commentate on their matches. I obviously said “yes” in a heartbeat, but then I started to panic about the job in hand! I know I do a lot of Media work for Fox Sports and Channel Seven, but for this role I have to summarise recent games, or to discuss future matches. I’m the so called pundit and love every moment of it.

However,  to actually live commentate, well, thats a totally different kettle of fish!

I felt so out of my depth, and had so many nerves walking into that TV role,  I just had to pray that I would not look, and sound like a total fool.

channel 7

Thankfully I took to it like a duck to water as they say, and the main man behind that transformation was Robbie Thompson (now working for PSG TV in France) he talked me through everything, led me into discussions and we shared notes on the players that we would be analysing through out the night. He made me feel at home instantly and I’m forever grateful to him for being so patient with me and helping me through the match.

Things must have gone well in the previous 2 matches (or maybe no one else is available ???) as I have been asked back by Channel 7 to cover tonights match between the A-League All Stars v Juventus and I’m eager to see the fans, players and hear the tremendous atmosphere once again.

So, tonight along with Robbie Thomson, Jim Wilson, John Aloisi, Santo Cilauro, Michael Zappone ( The Dream Team ) and all the Channel 7 staff we will be trying to bring all the atmosphere goals and highlights into your living rooms around Australia and showcase this amazing match for what it is.


And I can’t wait!!!

tv work



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