Arrrgh, For Pete’s Sake Man!!!

I feel the need to vent NOW, so that I don’t take my crankiness out on the cat, or on the bar of Willie Wonka’s caramel deluxe in the cupboard that is seducing my angry ass!

What is it with people being awkward? making life far more complicated than it needs to be? pushing my god damn buttons?

I’m just back from a last minute dash to the Chemist. My poor little daughter has been suffering from an absolute shocker of a  cough for weeks now. I have been to the doc’s twice and most recently on Monday when she was prescribed a 3 day course of medicine.

Bare with me here because I need to talk details so that you can fully understand my frustration.

The dose is 6mls twice a day for a minimum of 3 days.  Now, I realise that my mathematical brain died way back at the end of year 11, but even I can work out that I need at the very minimum, a 36ml supply.

So WHY is there only flipping 30 ml in the bottle?,


And it’s 5.58pm and I have two sick kids both wearing pyjamas, a husband that would be helpful if he wasn’t in bloody England, and thanks to some numbnuts mistake, I now have two mins to get to the chemist for more medicine.


With 12 seconds to spare, we make it, and explain the mistake to the pharmacist standing behind the counter. Yep, he understands and pours me another tiny bottle of the medicine, and I am on my way out the door feeling chuffed that I had only held up the poor bloke an extra 30 seconds past his shift.

Because me and the kids are finally out of the house for the first time in two days,  It would be sensible to pop into the shop a couple of doors down from the chemists to get the milk that I had desperately needed, and bread that didn’t require mould removal before giving to the kids!

Or so I thought.

………Suddenly……….we were squealed at from behind.

I describe the squeal in the same way that a hog might sound, in his final moments before the carving knife.


I need to add that there was a man walking past me, exactly at this point of being sanctioned, and the horrified fella obviously thought that he was  witness to a shop lifter being caught red handed.

As I turned back towards the shrieking voice I defensively called out “I’m sorry, what???”

“The medicine, it needs to be paid for”

To cut a long story short, I was forced to pay for a repeat prescription and splash out for a whole new bottle of 30 mls, to make up for the 6 mls shortage that was missing from the first bottle.  Where is the bloody logic there??????

It’s a bit like the other day,  I was looking at the website of a local sports club that I was interested in signing the kids up to. This particular club offers discount for families with  2+ children. When I rang to happily inform them of my twin children and ask about the discounted price, I was told that it only applies to families with 3 or more children.



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  1. You should not have been charged, for their mistake. I would go back to the chemist & argue that point, because if he had given you the correct dose in the first place you would have paid for one prescription!!!

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