AboutI’m a footballer, father, husband (in no obvious order of course!)

Right, where do I start…..

I’m a born and bred English Northerner. and spent many happy childhood years living in Newcastle upon Tyne. ( I have since realised that there are 9 Newcastles scattered around the world, but it’s only the U.K one that we can proudly call ourselves the Geordie’s)

anyway, I need to get on with it…

played footy from the minute I could kick a ball. My dad carted me around everywhere helping me to follow my dream. That dream was shattered (twice) when i didn’t get into the Newcastle United apprenticeship (but that’s another story for another day)

after some soul searching…I tried again, this time at the rival team Sunderland just across the river from newcastle. (i have another story about this river, but again….for another time)

This led to the start of a fantastic career taking me on many highs…(meeting the wife) but also many lows (meeting the wife!) just kidding pet!

I transferred to Leeds United for a record transfer fee at the time. (fees and wages have since sky rocketed, and i’m sure they all now play with monopoly money!)

The phrase I like to use when describing my career is that I have had more clubs than Tiger Woods….and this is no lie! I travelled around the U.k but have now taken the plunge and now live in one of the ‘other’ Newcastle’s and reside in Australia.

I have 2 beautiful kids, Riley and Sadie, Murphy the stinky rescue dog, Simba the ginger moggy who rules the roost and of course the darling wife Kate.