My latest radio Interview

Sports Talk Adelaide radio rang me up yesterday to talk all things World Cup. If you fancy listening to a few of my tips for this year's winners, click on the link below.   … [Read more...]

I’m back, and I’m exhausted!!!

It saddens me to announce, but the "True Believers" Brazilian World cup tour 2014 has come to an end.   As we caught glimpses of Sydney on our descent through the clouds, I have to admit, I was pleased to be coming home. Although I … [Read more...]

Check out my article on NUFC’s website today.

United can build Bridges down under. By Dan King - Newcastle United Digital EditorHe has spent the last five years living in Australia so former Newcastle striker Michael Bridges knows all about the passion for football Down … [Read more...]

Missing my man.

I don't cope well with last minute plan changes, nor do I much like surprises. Although I DO like spontaneity, (in the form of a last minute day trip for example).....I DON'T much like it when Mick's friends rock up unannounced to 'Hotel Bridges' … [Read more...]

I’m no Speilburg, but tried my best editing this video of the Flavela’s

Favela Tour 2014 World Cup Brazil … [Read more...]

Today, I was brought back down to Earth.

Totally caught up in the hype of the World Cup, I selfishly, never gave the true story of the people of Rio a thought. I was so immersed in the World Cup Fever that never once, did I think about the poverty, crime, drug abuse, or the 'real life' of … [Read more...]

They lost, and yet they still won.

My favourite thing about living in Australia is not the golden sandy beaches as you may expect, It isn't the beautiful sunshine. or the outdoor way of life. Nor is it that I can go out for a swanky meal dressed like a 'dag' in a tatty T shirt , and a … [Read more...]

Blogging from Brazil!

Landed safely in Rio, and couldn't wait to get started! Hotel is perfect, and right on the beach of Copacobana. As the Mrs rightly put it in her blog yesterday, I don't even need to leave the hotel window to spot the G strings on the … [Read more...]

1 Sleep to go !!! Brazil here we come.

Bags are packed and it's time to head for Brazil for the greatest sporting event in the World. Looking forward to seeing the best players and teams from around the world, plus all the amazing sights Rio has to offer. I will be uploading … [Read more...]

Last night, Sydney Harbour Bridge became a Newcastle Jet’s fan!

We love our little family outings, and can quite regularly be spotted out and about, gallivanting somewhere around NSW, with little more than a full tank of petrol and a half hashed idea of a plan. More often than not,  the 'wing it' days of … [Read more...]