Blogging from Brazil!

Landed safely in Rio, and couldn’t wait to get started!

Hotel is perfect, and right on the beach of Copacobana. As the Mrs rightly put it in her blog yesterday, I don’t even need to leave the hotel window to spot the G strings on the beach!

Atmosphere along the streets is absolutely electric! Yellow and Green Fans are literally covering the place. And so far, all are well behaved. Although there is a strong police presence, which I’m sure will put a quick stop to any trouble.

Opening Match.

Brazil v Croatia.

How Brazil’a fans have embraced the culture, is  quite overwhelming.

As the match kicks off, EVERYTHING stops. I’m talking, seriously EVERYTHING! traffic, roads, shops ……This is their moment.

I thought that Neymar, with the whole weight of the country resting heavily on his shoulders, coped with the pressure brilliantly. He really proved his worth, scoring two goals, and handing the home nation the 3.1 victory, and setting the tone for the rest of the competition.

Best get a bit of shut eye, as it’s a big day ahead tomorrow watching my adopted nation, Australia take on Chile. I can’t wait!

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