That jammy ******* got a free upgrade!

Do you know how many times I have made that god forsaken long haul flight to the U.K and back??? ELEVEN TIMES. And so far, I have always had both kids in tow WITHOUT THE HUSBAND, and been stuck up in farty smelling cattle class and been armed … [Read more...]

Arrrgh, For Pete’s Sake Man!!!

I feel the need to vent NOW, so that I don't take my crankiness out on the cat, or on the bar of Willie Wonka's caramel deluxe in the cupboard that is seducing my angry ass! What is it with people being awkward? making life far more complicated … [Read more...]

How fabulous is Gumtree?

What I should be doing right now is turning those shrivelled up bananas wilting away at the bottom of the fruit bowl into some deliciously delightful bread. Yep, that what's I should be doing.  But I'm not! Nor am I emptying the washer of the … [Read more...]

Eh? You are going where? when? why didn’t you tell me?

How many husbands do you know that would forget to mention that they are going to Townsville for a ten day work tour.......... Leaving Tomorrow! Yep, that would be right, It's actually quite typical of Mick. AND, if it hadn't been for a friend … [Read more...]

I’m not taking your hint Mick!

As is quite the often the 'norm' for my Sunday morning routine, I turned off the alarm clock, buried my head under the pillow and prepared for the first of my eight or so presses of the snooze button!  I tried with all my might to block out the … [Read more...]

A-League All Stars v Juventus

Once again, Australia has attracted another European powerhouse football club to our sandy shores. Italian Seria A Champions Juventus, who tonight will take on a fan selected A-League Allstars side at the ANZ Stadium. Australia football fans … [Read more...]

How hot is Cameron Diaz!

At 5.30pm last night I received a call from a girlfriend asking if I fancied a 6.15pm chick flick at the movies! ....... No, I couldn't possibly, immediately thinking of the many reasons why I shouldn't............ " it's too early, the kids need … [Read more...]

Have you got what it takes to be Philips Sports Skills Dad of the Year?

You may think that all my talents lie on the football pitch! Well, I'm not just a one trick pony you know!...... Click on this link to see my attempt at a 15 second video to show off a few of the skills that I have had tucked up my … [Read more...]

Bridgy’s Birthday!

What do you buy the lad who has everything? It's not meant to be a 'Billy Big Time' statement, nor give the impression that Mick is some kind of Sheik, or Russian Ogliarch who holidays on his gulf stream jet, and has the odd billion or two at his … [Read more...]

“Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi”

All sport watching Australian Citizens, whether that be the ones that nationalised only a mere 24 hrs ago such as 'yours truly',  those born from parents that migrated here in the 60's, or the very first of Australia's inhabitants, the Indigenous … [Read more...]