Bridgy’s Birthday!

What do you buy the lad who has everything? It's not meant to be a 'Billy Big Time' statement, nor give the impression that Mick is some kind of Sheik, or Russian Ogliarch who holidays on his gulf stream jet, and has the odd billion or two at his … [Read more...]

Last night, Sydney Harbour Bridge became a Newcastle Jet’s fan!

We love our little family outings, and can quite regularly be spotted out and about, gallivanting somewhere around NSW, with little more than a full tank of petrol and a half hashed idea of a plan. More often than not,  the 'wing it' days of … [Read more...]

Unlike Tuesday’s, Friday’s are great!

Today was off to a positive start. Kids made it to school on time, (one step up from yesterday!) They were fed, watered, homework completed, (all be it to a slightly lower standard than I had initially hoped), lunches packed, hair combed..and, all … [Read more...]