Eh? You are going where? when? why didn’t you tell me?

How many husbands do you know that would forget to mention that they are going to Townsville for a ten day work tour……….

Leaving Tomorrow!

Yep, that would be right, It’s actually quite typical of Mick.

AND, if it hadn’t been for a friend asking if we could meet up when our boys are away, then I probably wouldn’t have found out UNTIL tomorrow!

I get it that he is busy and has loads on at the moment, but seriously……He could have warned me sooner!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a little personal space every now and then. Actually, if it hadn’t been for the football team’s away trips, and subsequently having the house  (and TV for guilt free Kardashian Marathon watching) to myself every other weekend for the last 13 years , then I doubt that we would still have either our marriage or our sanity left intact!

 But ten days, two entire weekends…. without any notice………well that’s just not nice!



His timing is typical! I love the way that Mick has recently got the kids into a fantastically APPALLING bed time routine in our house. Instead of the usual story time and teeth deep clean, the Bridges children now play a game of Hide and Seek. This isn’t just any old game of Hide and Seek, It’s only ever suggested by Mick at the exact time that the kids need to go to bed. It’s played in the dark, (usually while I am ironing) with only head torches to seek. It’s a fully stimulating game, usually sending the twins past the point of no return, and into total hyperactivity.  (last night’s favourite sport which took Sadie a tantrum, me a hissy fit, and Riley 12 minutes to find, was in the cupboard on the second shelf, behind the Monopoly boards)

Mick’s theory that because it is dark, it gets the kids in a good mood to go to bed.  Yeah right!!!

So not only am I going to have to take on the role of being ‘fun dad’ as well as being ‘strict mum’ (ten whole days worth), but I only just realised that I also have to become mum of the year and pretend to enjoy five hours worth of a football gala day on Sunday, which I had mentally planned to avoid! Just Marvellous.

Oh, I’m soooo not looking forward to this!


I wonder if it is possible to learn the art of skills of patience, compromise and tolerance all before his departure tomorrow.

While I am on the ranting rampage…..Is anyone else absolutely sick of hearing, seeing and viewing this ice bath challenge? I am an advocate for making people aware of previously lesser known diseases and charities, but out of most of the challenges that I have watched recently, (other than ex president George W Bush, and fair play to him)

courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

this image is from the Facebook video courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

no one has even made a mention to Motor Neurone Disease or raised the ALS awareness, as was the initial aim of the whole thing. It’s all good and well feeling popular for being nominated in the first place, then finding the most famous name in your phone book to then challenge to the same humiliation, but the real reason seems to have been lost along the way of feeling cool. Literally!

Rant over!





  1. Bet you feel better now!!!! He will never grow up im afraid. Its the sort of thing that used to happen in our house, between mike & his Dad, i was usually excluded from these boisterous frolics!!!! Thank god.

  2. Thats my boy,well done michael your learning fast. Its far better to have grief from the wife for 24hours that for 14 days grief if you had opened your mouth earlier.,,,,,sorry Kate, just had to say that. But I cant wait to get to to be able to play hide and seek with the kids. Love Joe x

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