I have had so many amazing experiences throughout my journey, and just wish I had been able to capture more of them on film. Here are just a small selection of some of the best, and also some of the worst! I will be updating them regularly, and posting more of the past, present and future ‘Kodak moments’.

Me and John Steff. Nothing but laughs with this lad

With the Winners Denmark

Me and Kate enjoying the Golfing action.

Good to see this ugly man again

Team Pic before kick off

Socceroos World Cup Qualifier match on WWOS with Clint Stanaway and David Zdrilic

Taking rubbish as usual


Old Leeds team mate Danny Milo. Crazy Man

Great to see my old mate from Leeds Utd days Jacob Burns

Trading session finished with Patrick

Matt Hall Redbull Racing Legend

Watching paul Scholes quick feet LOL