How fabulous is Gumtree?

What I should be doing right now is turning those shrivelled up bananas wilting away at the bottom of the fruit bowl into some deliciously delightful bread. Yep, that what’s I should be doing. photo

But I’m not!

Nor am I emptying the washer of the stale stinky clothes that have sat there since yesterday and now need another wash. I’m not tidying up my daughter’s hideously disgusting bedroom. Neither am I making myself that sandwich that I have needed for the last hour.

What I am doing right this very minute is sitting at my breakfast bench all on my tod (Geordie word for lonesome, as in Billy no mates), but I’m allowed to, because I’m celebrating!

I’m silently celebrating of course, the alternative, well that would just be weird!

The reason for celebrating is not that my husband is away for a few more days, and I’m enjoying the peace immensely . Nor is it that I don’t have to cook this evening, can have a vino, and have free childcare thanks to the school disco.

My moment of sheer greatness is as follows……….

In less than 14 hours, I have just sold $200 worth of stuff on Gumtree. This may not sound like such a feat to the normal human being, but to me………..well, it gets me out of a whole lot of guilt!

You see, it’s a case of when the men are away, the girls can play! I’m not talking about anything seedy, and suddenly hopping over the fence to have a quick steamy pash with the next door neighbour. What I am talking about is the very second that the kids go to bed and the washing machine is set away (the one that I never empty and infact have the same clothes in. Always) ………………….I rebel against being a domestic goddess.

I adorn the flannelette pyjamas, and miss matching top. I put on the slipper socks that the husband finds offensive. Following that, I apply the face mask (yep, the green one),  I lift down my stash of chocolate from that shelf in the kitchen that the kids can’t reach and take out the wine glass from the freezer. (when you drink Aldi wine at 6.99 a bottle, having the glass at minus 20 degrees helps to mask the vinegar!)

I well and truly pig out!

Although none of the above is my reason for feeling guilty. Actually, All those things I do even when Mick is home! The part that I need to make up for is due to a close friendship with internet shopping. And, after a glass or several of the said rank wine, well things that may seem like a good idea at the time of ‘alcohol induced confidence’, just aren’t  such a good decision the following morning!

The bedroom chairs that seemed like a great idea because ‘they did it on the Block’, have about as much practicality as a bed in the lounge room would have! the bedside lamps would look great, if they were infact white, and not the off white that makes them look dirty against everything else STARK WHITE in the room.

The tracksuit that I have ordered from England for Riley maybe perfect, If we were heading into Winter and not towards 25 degrees.

All of these wrong doing that I need to put right before he, that pays for it all arrives home! Arghhhh.

So I did what any normal person would do. I sold my soul! Well, not quite, but I did raid through the cupboards like some mad woman on a warpath. I did what I have been meaning to do for a very long time, every time I see poor Riley wearing his half-masts I make a pact to myself to sort out his 3/4 year old clothes from the 8/9 year old pile that actually fits him!

So yesterday I actually did it!  not because I’m a thoughtful mother that wants her son to feel comfortable in his clothes…..but because I needed to earn money. Quickly! and I certainly wasn’t going to  part with anything in MY wardrobe, so the kids clothes were next on the hit list!

83 items later, I was all set. It took me all bloody night to list them all separately ……but needs must!

photo              photo

Success!!! my phone started pinging as soon as I got them on there, and my job was done!

I actually think that Gumtree could be my next new trend! What is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that!!!  I quite fancy going through Mick’s stuff before he gets home to see if I can finance another night of internet purchasing!







  1. Shop till you drop girl and what’s with the Aldo vino ??? Time for that trip to the Hunter Valley.
    I love your writing style, it leaves me giggling every single time.

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