How hot is Cameron Diaz!

At 5.30pm last night I received a call from a girlfriend asking if I fancied a 6.15pm chick flick at the movies!

……. No, I couldn’t possibly, immediately thinking of the many reasons why I shouldn’t…………

” it’s too early, the kids need a haircut, photo (yep, I’m a bit of a whizz on the old clippers!)

they need feeding, bathing, settling”.

And apart from all that, The kids (well, me really) have recently developed an addiction to Enid Blyton stories, and they (I) just can’t wait another 24 hrs to find out how her Wishing Chair gets to the Land Of Surprises.”


then The hubby chirps up, realising that he may have found his  Golden-Ticket-JN2013_1630, his pass to a guilt free night of uninterrupted XBOX 360 playing.

He very kindly, encouragingly, PERSUASIVELY said, “you go on out pet, enjoy yourself!”

If I may, at this point, add that it is an extremely rare event that I get to flee the nest with my gang of girlies. And I also need to stress that my spouse is not nominating himself for Husband of the year, He is just sooooo into playing Aliens and Zombies that, to him, it’s totally worth single handily taking control of the 6 – 7pm  ‘mad hour’.

The bedtime hour in our house is more like crazy raving lunatics hour! It’s not quite as hectic as the 8am – 9am rush before school, but it’s certainly up there in the stress level rating, and it seriously sends me bonkers.

It is the hour that my children become the best of friends, the worst of enemies, the fastest, the slowest, the dirtiest, the cleanest, the thirstiest, the least tired, the most communicative, the downright irritating, and above all else, Oscar worthy procrastinators!

As soon as I got that nod from the hubby to avoid this mad hour……………out of that door I sprinted. Literally!


Erm……….What film were we watching? I was so excited that I had totally forgot to ask!

Not that it mattered of course, I would happily sit and watch The Piano, in black and white with subtitles, if it meant a night off playing Mom!

SEX+TAPE  image thanks to http://static.cotecine

That’s what we watched!

And do you know, it was brilliant! A perfect chick flick with loads of giggles to be had.

I say chick flick, but there was a very diverse mix of patrons in the cinema last night.

There were the old married couples, young married couples, dating couples,  (you can tell the difference…..the daters share their popcorn.) There were groups of girls, singles, groups of boys.

Actually, come to think of it, there were quite a few boys. Loud mouthed boys that felt it necessary to inform the cinema that they had arrived, shouting out to their mates and shining their phone torches to light up the cinema aisles like it was a bloody runway.  (God, I’m getting old and miserable!)

Ha, I can just picture the boys, spreading the rumour like rapid fire amongst their testosterone fuelled friends. All, equally desperate for their own personal glimpse of a sparsely clothed, uniquely positioned, incredibly hot Cameron Diaz and I have no doubt that they will retain this memory far longer than the rolling credits in the cinema.

I don’t want to take anything away from Cameron Diaz. She is without doubt an absolute stunner! Even in her very ‘compromising’ positions, she still looks amazing.

How on earth can you be in your forties, have pert boobies, perfectly sculpted buttocks that don’t sag southbound AND to top it all off…… not have a hint of cellulite?

Regardless of the fact that I left the cinema feeling deflated, dull and and wishing I looked like Miss Diaz, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

But what I relished even more…………………………………….was returning to a spectacularly serene home, with only Mick and his Xbox to put to bed!




  1. I think a lot of women would like to look like you, never mind cameron diaz. Apparently she has a spotty problem, if that helps!!!!!

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