Michael’s video update.

As we are new to this online world and obviously still have lots to learn, we were unable to upload my video diary directly to this page because the file size was too big.

You can click on the link below which will take you straight to our buildingbridgesonline utube page.

By the way, watch it until the end to hear the not so sympathetic wife!!!



  1. Hey guys – always upload videos to YouTube and then drop in the YouTube video link 🙂

  2. Patricia says:

    The end bit was the best!! Your face was a picture!! Very good though

  3. Ha ha yep the end was the funniest 🙂 ouch the arm looks sore :-/ all the best Micky x

    • Thanks Dawn
      Yeah the arm was bloody sore but not as sore as my head was after my wife smacked me one for being so cheeky lol
      But we had to leave the end bit in as when we looked back at it I creased up laughing
      take care
      Micky x

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