Please help us to motivate the motivator.

Today is official blogging day.

My apologies, but for this to make sense, I’m going to press the rewind button for a quick sec…….

Before we started this website, I thought this would be the perfect thing that we could do together. You know, when the kids have been kissed goodnight, the dishes put away, and the pj’s have been put on! We could snuggle up on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, and (while gazing into each others eyes), discuss our day.  We could then talk about the blog, bounce ideas off each other and write a couple of joint blogs per week.

Erm……….Hello reality!!!! that ain’t ever going to happen!!!

Firstly, IF Mick is even home,  he is  ‘working’ in his ‘office’ (conveniently king sized, with a couple of pillows for back support) and he has that god damn thing called a mobile permanently stuck to his left lobe. Yes, I know and fully appreciate that he is the bread winner, and needs to ring a few people…..but I mean… SERIOUSLY, it was three hours last night!

I literally have to make several visit’s to our office’ just to check when he is winding down a conversation, just to try and squeeze in the odd important question between phone calls. “did you want tea?” or “when were you going to tell me that I have to wash the entire under 18’s team’s football shirts?” were two of the questions I needed to ask my dear, dear husband last night.

That’s my phone rant over!

Secondly. As for the romantic part, well, life just doesn’t work like it does in the movies.

It’s at least 10pm by the time the chores are done, the pjamas are on, war paint off, and he finishes chatting to those in England (drat you Mr 9 Hours Time Difference!) And the very last thing he, or I, for that matter, want to be doing is typing when we have the third series (up to episode 6) of Suits to fit in before we get some shut eye.

So, and this brings me back to my initial point……………. 8pm combined blog writing, well, It’s simply IMPOSSIBLE!

I hope this now explains the need for separate his and her blog’s, and hence today……..(my day of peace and quiet) being MY blogging day.


A few weeks ago, a good friend asked Mick and I to come up with ideas for a motivational speech that Mick could present at an upcoming event. The speech could cover any angle that we wanted, football, life, injuries… just needed to be inspirational.

My immediate reaction was “Mick?,  motivational?, he can’t even get his backside out of bed each day without setting off two separate alarm clocks to rouse him”

I asked how long this speech needed to be, thinking it would would be a 5 minute thing, but no! Mick needs to come up with a 45 minute talk, that could possibly be extended to an hour if we add a few questions and answers at the end.

…………………………..No way Jose !!!!


However, the more I got thinking about it, the more I could see a couple of possibilities, but certainly not 60 minutes worth!

The wheels are in motion on this one, and luckily enough we have time on our side but I would absolutely love it, if any of you could take the time to write a quick comment of two about any potential material that we could use for this speech.

It would be greatly appreciated.





  1. You should make sure he doesn’t tell stories about you like he did last time.

    • Michael says:

      Surely Mick would never embarrass me, just to get a laugh at my expense?……..oh, yeah, that’s right….of course he would!!!!

      • After witnessing young Luke today at the RIDBC luncheon and hearing from the amazing sporting talent that call Newcastle and the Hunter home, I think there will be plenty of things to talk about. You are both amazing, caring and accessible people who inspire us all to do good things. Keep up the great work.

  2. Luisa H says:

    How about how Mick overcame adversity with a possible career ending injury to rebuild his career again. That’s pretty inspirational stuff. And how he’s forging a new path in coaching. Also very inspirational. Other people in similar situations could easily have given up all together.

  3. The most motivational thing to get me out of bed in the morning, when i worked, was the fact a lot of my patients would have loved to be able to put their feet over the edge of the bed, stand & start a new day, sadly they needed my help, so after moaning about the alarm clock, these thoughts spurred me into action. Even now in retirement, these thoughts get me up & moving, albeit much slower, due to my arthritis problems….. I also used to wash the school football strips. They were brought home to me covered in mud many times, & i thought, why did i volunteer for this job. Then i thought how many parents would love to have healthy kids, that ran around a football field, getting scruffy dirty, but because of ill health or disability, it wasnt possible. These stories may be of no use, but somtimes its little things in life that can motivate us every day!!

    • Hi Pat,
      You are a far nicer person than I, because the first thing I thought of when Mick handed me the (still steaming) strips contained a fair few swear words, and can’t really be put into print!
      You are so right with your comments of those that would give anything to trade positions. We watched a TV documentary about Alex McKinnon that played for the Newcastle Knights last night, he was recently badly injured in a tackle on the field, and was left paralysed. His attitude towards the cards that he has been dealt in life is just incredible, and makes you put it all into perspective.

  4. melanie says:

    Pat….nice reply. Kate I enjoy reading your blog so keep it up. For us motivation comes from travelling and seeing people in total poverty with nothing; when you give them some attention , care and compassion they give you the biggest smiles. Life is really more rewarding when you give back…..Im sure Micks recent adventures up to the Favalas will serve as a great prompt to fill 45 minutes…..x x x big hugs

    • Hi Mel, thanks so much for you positive words about the blog. you are totally right when you said that life is more rewarding when you give back.
      Mick was asked to speak at a charity event today for children with severe sight and sound problems. We witnessed a boy called Luke who is completely blind be given the chance to ride a motorbike, with no assistance other than a microphone in his helmet telling him when to turn left or right. It was awe inspiring seeing how much fuller his life had become with the help of peoples donations, and a little of their time.
      it was a very humbling moment.

  5. Cheryl Brandrick says:

    Hi Kate, I was on the World Cup trip to Brazil with the True Believers group, and I think Michael could use our trip to the favelas, the challenges the locals have on a daily basis, how welcoming they were to us, strangers coming into their community just to see how THEY live, the football game in the rain, Rocky, Andre and Jeffersons first ever plane trip and joining us at a game that they never thought was possible for them. He could use some of the video and photos he took . This won’t take a full hour but maybe he can relate it to how his love of football has changed his life and also in a small way out favela family.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Cheryl. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this, and also for your great advice. Mick has told me about Jeffersons first plane trip, and how overwhelmed he was by witnessing it. I hope that Mick can translate his emotion into words when he includes it in his speech. Thanks again for helping us.

  6. Nichole Carroll says:

    Hi Kate love reading your blog. Just want to say thanks for washing our boys strips, from a very appreciative U/18’s mum

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Nichole,
      Mick’s comment was priceless when he walked through the door with the huge bag of kit.
      “It was a fantastic game, and we won! and as a reward for the lads winning I said I would wash the kit!”
      .Who is he trying to kid?……………..he wouldn’t know where the washing machine is! LOL!

  7. Hello honeys
    I think you guys are motivational in every way!
    Moving cities countless times
    Moving to Sydney with twin babies with no family or friends around
    Overcoming injuries, a physical hurdle for Mick, mental hurdle for both of you
    Building a life in Australia – particularly Newcastle – where you are treated like locals
    ‘Building Bridges Online’: a fantastic blog and insight into your lives which we all love and enjoy

  8. Michael says:

    ahhh Kat, you have such a lovely way with words! I love ‘physical hurdle’ for Mick and ‘mental hurdle’ for us both.
    Although I have to admit, Mick forces me to jump several mental hurdles each day……….., and that’s just the married life that i’m talking about! It’s more like the mental high jump when it comes to his career!
    thanks so much for commenting. x

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