O.K, so I admit! I am one of ‘THOSE’ embarrassing sports mums!

Who was it that said that a Saturday morning spent watching your children play sport could be relaxing?………………..

They Lied.

Who was it that said that young children’s football should be played for fun, and not competitively?…………………

They Lied.

Who was it that said, “next week, I will become one of the ‘quiet’ supporting mum’s”?…………………….

O.K, I lied!

You see, each, and every week as I help the kids put on their shin pads and tie up their laces, I mentally prepare myself for a great morning of football fun!

As I get in the car, I reiterate to myself that today,  I’m going to be calm, reserved, and even my ultimate aim………..quiet!

Well all that planning goes out of the window as soon as that whistle leaves the lips of the referee. I just can’t help myself.

You would think that I’d be used to watching football by now. During Mick’s career, I have seen hundreds of games, and usually (apart from that last ‘worldy’ volley that he scored, where I totally ‘lost it’) manage to keep my composure, and not cause too much of a scene.

BUT, when It comes to watching the kids play, I just find myself on that emotional roller coaster each week, and it’s just too tricky to get off!

Fear…….. when they go in for the tackle,

Pride……when they win that tackle,

Anger……when they don’t

Frustration…..when things don’t go their way

Adulation……….when they do

Suspense………..when that clock is ticking down

Aggression………when it isn’t ticking down fast enough

This morning’s 9am game had them all!

You know that you are not off to the best of starts, when, at 10pm last night you remember that you are on orange duty, and look hopefully in the fruit bowl…… only to find a battered banana and a mouldy pear! So, at 7.30am off to the shops we go!

Now, this morning it was freezing. Not literally freezing, as it would be in England, but certainly cold enough to realise that the T shirt that I threw on at 7am wasn’t enough. So in my caffeine-less morning haze, I threw on a grey jumper on top of the white Tshirt, a cream Addidas jacket, and Micks black XL waterproof coat, and to top off my designer look….Mick’s oversized gangster cap and a pair of sunnies.  Anyone that has a similar pea sized head to my own would know that cap’s are a no go area, yet alone an oversized one, and an oversized coat to match! I looked absolutely ridiculous!, even my son Riley, who doesn’t normally batter an eyelid if I have on my bright green face mask, gave me a second glance and even raised an eyebrow!

Anyway, with the oranges now cut up, the freshly washed jersey’s in the bag, the body wrapped up like the Mitchelin man, we were prepared for action!

OR……we would have been if I had turned up at the right ground.

Hamilton Olympic, is not Broadmeadow Magic!!!! And, although very close in mileage from each other…..not quite close enough!!!

After a quick ‘phone a friend’, a speedy drive, and the quickest ever parallel park……………..we ran across the three fields to reach the team and to save them from playing in their mismatched t shirts!

The other team were already in their positions on the pitch. Psyched up, and desperate for kick off.

Now, let me mention that this is the under 8 age group, meaning that the majority of kids are a mere seven years old!

I seriously thought that I was about to watch the Socceroos kick off before that whistle blew! Our opposition, were standing in the most perfect 3 2 1 formation I had ever seen.  Uh Oh!!!!! what was about to happen.

Within the first 30 seconds we went down 1.0. Not the best of starts, I agree, but, with plenty of time left on that clock, and only a one goal difference, we could do this!

Our team played well, we got it back to 1.1.

At this point, trying to refrain my screams of support was just pointless, and the ‘mad woman’ re appeared!

The oooooh’s and arhhhhh’s and gooooooooooo’s were out in full force. When one of our team took a massive tackle, and literally went flying through the air, I had to strangle the words REFFFFFFFF that I so wanted to yell, and remind myself that these kids are only 7, and unlike Suarez, or some of the adult generation, he really didn’t mean it!

My yelling even mortified my own daughter for goodness sake! It was only after a sharp nudge in the leg, and her telling me to “shush mum”, did I realise that I was taking this all just far too seriously.

I won’t tell you the final score, but we were beaten by a fantastic team. I mean these boy’s knew tactics, strategies and positions that I didn’t think a seven year old could ever understand!

Regardless of the result, I am incredibly proud of our team. They never stopped battling, and can hold their heads up high.

We now have a two week break until the we take on another team.

And so my mantra continues!………………………….

Next game I’m going to be calm, reserved, and my ultimate aim……………….quiet!











  1. Felt as though i was reading Joes blog, when we went to Mikes junior matches. I wouldnt stand next to Joe on the sidelines, because of embarrasment, god knows how Mke felt, bless him!! Very funny to read Kate x

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks Pat, It’s a good job that we have a week off really, it means that i have a fortnight to find my calm place! actually thinking about it, I don’t think I could find my ‘Zen’ if i had a decade to look!

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