The Aussie FFA Cup is a huge success.

The FFA Cup has finally made its debut in Australia   Having spent most of my childhood days watching football matches from various parts of the world (mainly English football matches, as I'm getting on a bit, and back then we didn't have … [Read more...]

How Rock and Roll am I?

It's Saturday night. I'm childless and spouse free. And what I SHOULD be doing right at this very minute is prepping the body for a wild night out on the tiles.   I love this quote that I pinched from from somee cards, because it sums up the … [Read more...]

Interview Part Two.

Michael Bridges: Both Newcastle United and Sunderland can finish in the top-10 Jul 21, 2014 13:26 By Lee Ryder Michael Bridges believes that both teams are capable of finishing in the top 10 together for the first time … [Read more...]

My Evening Chronicle interview part one. (The Geordie version of The Herald!)

  Newcastle United Tour: Michael Bridges expects Sydney FC to provide a tough test Jul 21, 2014 10:45 By Lee Ryder In the first part of our exclusive interview with Michael Bridges he talks us through what to … [Read more...]

Novocastrian’s are my inspiration.

Last week, I put out a blog asking you for ideas that could help us write a motivational speech for Mick to use at a future event.  The timing of that blog titled 'Please help us to motivate the motivator' was quite ironic, because in the 24 hours … [Read more...]

Rebuilding Bridges (stolen from Kat Caravella!)

Today's blog took me no time at all. Literally........because I have stolen it from our good friend Kat Caravella who works for the magazine Four Four Two. Kat is the person who first suggested that we start up a blog. She is an experienced … [Read more...]

Please help us to motivate the motivator.

Today is official blogging day. My apologies, but for this to make sense, I'm going to press the rewind button for a quick sec....... Before we started this website, I thought this would be the perfect thing that we could do together. You know, … [Read more...]

An A-League full of quality. (I predicted it in an interview years ago!)

The question put to me in an interview back in 2008 while I was playing for Sydney FC was: Would you encourage more players from Britain to bring their boots Down Under?  "Yeah, definitely. Now the league's picked up, it's got a name for … [Read more...]

Can baking my first ever apple pie compensate for bad parenting?

A very normal evening, six weeks ago was interrupted by my seven year old son yelling at me from bedroom. "Mammmmmmm.....what's this weird thing on my toe?" As I made my way into his bedroom I tried to recall the last toe nail trim..........erm? … [Read more...]

Nice little gift from the FFA in today’s post.

A lovely gesture from the Football Federation of Australia in recognition of my commitment to the Hyundai A League. Certainly one for the wall. Thanks guys. … [Read more...]