Great to be back coaching with the Newcastle Jets

After an amazing 16 days in Brazil, watching Australia play in their World cup matches, it was finally  time to come back down to earth and to get back to the day job working with the Newcastle Jets. I have been in the professional game of … [Read more...]

I’ve just been nominated for an award! (unfortunately I have to reveal my secrets first!)

When I read that I had been nominated for a prize by, (Thanks to my good friend, and mentor Kat) my attention was captured by two words. Words that got me super double duper excited. * Nominated*  (I'm picturing red carpet, … [Read more...]

They opened up Brazil, like a can of tuna!

Wow 7-1, Yes, thats right 7-1! Last night I set my alarm for 5.45am (Australian time) so that I could be up in time to watch the 1st semi final match. Two of the World's greatest teams: Brazil, the host nation versus Germany. Brazil have … [Read more...]

The perks of being Micky’s plus one!

Mick and I had been dating for a few weeks by time The Feast of Saint Valentines day landed upon us. That is the 'official' term for February 14th, the day of Lurrrrve!. Now, depending on the bloke that you have chosen, this display of romance can … [Read more...]

My latest radio Interview

Sports Talk Adelaide radio rang me up yesterday to talk all things World Cup. If you fancy listening to a few of my tips for this year's winners, click on the link below.   … [Read more...]

I’m back, and I’m exhausted!!!

It saddens me to announce, but the "True Believers" Brazilian World cup tour 2014 has come to an end.   As we caught glimpses of Sydney on our descent through the clouds, I have to admit, I was pleased to be coming home. Although I … [Read more...]

O.K, so I admit! I am one of ‘THOSE’ embarrassing sports mums!

Who was it that said that a Saturday morning spent watching your children play sport could be relaxing?.................... They Lied. Who was it that said that young children's football should be played for fun, and not … [Read more...]

Check out my article on NUFC’s website today.

United can build Bridges down under. By Dan King - Newcastle United Digital EditorHe has spent the last five years living in Australia so former Newcastle striker Michael Bridges knows all about the passion for football Down … [Read more...]

Missing my man.

I don't cope well with last minute plan changes, nor do I much like surprises. Although I DO like spontaneity, (in the form of a last minute day trip for example).....I DON'T much like it when Mick's friends rock up unannounced to 'Hotel Bridges' … [Read more...]

I’m no Speilburg, but tried my best editing this video of the Flavela’s

Favela Tour 2014 World Cup Brazil … [Read more...]