Last night, Sydney Harbour Bridge became a Newcastle Jet’s fan!

We love our little family outings, and can quite regularly be spotted out and about, gallivanting somewhere around NSW, with little more than a full tank of petrol and a half hashed idea of a plan. More often than not,  the 'wing it' days of … [Read more...]

Unlike Tuesday’s, Friday’s are great!

Today was off to a positive start. Kids made it to school on time, (one step up from yesterday!) They were fed, watered, homework completed, (all be it to a slightly lower standard than I had initially hoped), lunches packed, hair combed..and, all … [Read more...]

Bridgy’s Top tip #2 The art of time wasting!

This isn't classed as one of the fairest or most sportsmanlike parts of the game, but it's exists nonetheless at all levels of the sport. It can be a vital tactic, and can be the difference between your team winning or losing the game or even getting … [Read more...]

Why I chose the name Building Bridges Online.

Now, before you begin, as my school mates can testify, I was never known for having the worlds best spelling! I wrote this blog on my way to Hong Kong last week, it took about half the journey just to form the first sentence, so please bear with … [Read more...]

Boys and their banter!

The annoying shrill of the alarm clock is bad enough on any morning, but when it is immediately followed with the words "did you look at Instagram or Twitter last night love?", well, then the real alarm bells start to ring. "Why on earth would he be … [Read more...]

Sick of playing nursemaid already!

Well, I'm two days into playing 'Florence Nightingale' for my darling husband, and I can honestly say that, already,  my patience has pretty much dried up.  You may be surprised or indeed horrified by this statement, and call me a terrible wife you … [Read more...]

Michael’s video update.

As we are new to this online world and obviously still have lots to learn, we were unable to upload my video diary directly to this page because the file size was too big. You can click on the link below which will take you straight to our … [Read more...]

I’m off to the Hong Kong Soccer 7’s. Time to play against the football legends

This weekend i'm off to Hong Kong to play in the HKFC Soccer Sevens. to those that don't have a clue what this all means, well... Games are played with 7 a side. it is a tournament that allows fans to see the stars of today, but also has a separate … [Read more...]

My final farewell Newcastle Jets jersey signed by all the team

What an amazing final night at the Hunter Stadium after 20 years as a professional the curtain finally came down and the boots got hung up. It was great to receive a signed framed shirt from my fellow colleagues and sign off with so many fond … [Read more...]

Some of my favourite goals over the years.

Having played professionally for 20 years, it was nice to have a look back over my goals and pick out my favourite ones to share on my blog page with you guys. … [Read more...]