The perks of being Micky’s plus one!

Mick and I had been dating for a few weeks by time The Feast of Saint Valentines day landed upon us. That is the ‘official’ term for February 14th, the day of Lurrrrve!.

Now, depending on the bloke that you have chosen, this display of romance can be shown in a variety of ways. The gift of a single red rose, a diamond engagement ring, or, as the feast day suggests, by cooking up a three course banquet for your significant other are some of the more romantic gestures.

Up until this point, It had always been a day for disappointment for me. Now, I don’t expect sympathy here, but I hadn’t exactly picked the most amorous of boyfriends over the years. In fact, my most memorable Valentine’s day’s was actually in 1987, and my seven year old boyfriend ‘Henty’, had made me a card at his Scouts club. It was fabulous, and had a heart shape cut out and all the works!

This Valentine’s day was an entirely different story. For the very first time, I was spoilt absolutely rotten! After opening my beautiful gifts, and reading the heartfelt words that had been written in my card, I felt totally overwhelmed! After all, I had only given Mick a bottle of his favourite Creed aftershave, and a scrawled a few unimaginative words, written in a cheap card bought from the Co-op!

But I didn’t feel too bad for long.

I mentioned to Mick that all of these presents must have cost an absolute fortune, and his honest response astounded me ……………

“Well, not really pet, the Burberry bag, and Christian Dior sunglasses I got for free when I took part in a fashion show!”

This was my very first experience of the perks that come with Mick’s job, and there have been many more along the way.

Just to name a few of the concert’s that we have been to, Take That, Elton John, Billy Connelly, Boyzone, (This was so surreal, as Mick’s face flashed up on the big screen on a Football advert!)

We managed to get tables in restaurant’s that have been fully booked for days, or visit his sponsors warehouse and get fully kitted out in the latest gear. We got to go to the first sneaky peek of movies, or to exclusive fashion show’s, be given extra discounts, and truly amazing gifts. I even got to meet (and drool over) the gorgeous Mr David Beckham.  76436_459840212381_7171319_n

I have cropped this picture quite perfectly to give the appearance that it’s one on one photo opp with ‘wor Beck’s’, but just wait util you see the original picture!

162784_465166572381_464472_n    lol!

The night that Mick was invited to eat at BBC production of Hell’s kitchen, mingle with celeb’s  and be filmed for the show was just incredible.  (Especially when the waiter fell and dropped his silver tray right beside my chair, and I had to do all I could to stop my immature giggling fit, and my shoulders from shaking because I knew that I was on camera!)

Actually, tomorrow night is date night, and through one of Mick’s contact’s we are lucky enough to be a VIP guest of WILL I AM and go to the live filming of The Voice. Sooooooo very excited about that!

You see, especially in the Leeds United day’s, When Mick was top goal scorer and was at the prime of his career SO many opportunities came his way. (And I just tagged along as his plus one, and have had a fantastic time making the most of it ever since!)

I see it as the higher up the profile ladder that you climb, the more freebies cross your path.

I seriously wonder what the likes of Mr Beckham, or Kim Kardashian have paid for their latest vacation, or for half of the designer items in their wardrobe!

It would be incredibly easy to get carried away with the hype of your success. To take the gift’s and the freebies for granted, and to start to expect this special treatment, and to complain when it doesn’t arrive.

We had a good old laugh together each Christmas. We could judge the success of Mick’s season on the size of the Fortnam and Mason Hamper that arrived each year as a gift. When Mick was Leeds United’s top scorer, it was the 26 item deluxe hamper, but then it starting shrinking in size as quickly as Mick’s injury plagued football appearances! When it diminshed to the single bottle of wine in the cardboard box, We were still grateful, but certainly knew our place!

Although Mick is far from perfect, he has a lot of great qualities. One that I admire the most, is that he is really level headed, humble, and well grounded. I think this is due to him being a ‘canny’ lad, but also great parenting. It says a lot about Mick, that the friends that he still counts as his best, are all lads from his childhood, that knew him before football.

And, of course ………….I deflate that ego, as soon as I see any sign of him being a big time Charlie!










  1. Malcolm Carson says:

    Nice article on the perks of being a footballer (and footballers wife), and I can say Michael was a top bloke and down to earth with it as he sat next to me in economy on the way to Rio! Malc

    • Hi Malcolm
      Hope you had a great time in Brazil and met up with your friends ok.
      What a World Cup it has been and we still have one more match to go which I can’t wait for.
      It was a pleasure to share the flight to Rio with you mate and even with my 2 passports in hand I did not have a team to support after the group stages due to Australias tough group and Englands lack of pride and ability at National level.
      Take care and thanks for your kind words

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