The World Cup 2014, a female’s perspective.

My husband retweeted an article that had been published in an Adelaide newspaper. The headline of this article states:

Nine out of ten Croatian men say they would rather watch the World Cup than have sex with their wives

This got me thinking…….. I wonder how many of those wives would also chose the World Cup?, if asked that very same question.

I’m sure many will come up with all kinds of rude responses to my proposed question, and yes, I’m sure that many women out there would also chose to watch the world cup over the alternative, but, I’m not going to dwell on negatives!

I will come out and blatantly admit,……………… I am just not excited about this year’s World Cup.

There you go, I said it!

Please do not think that this is something that I am proud of. Actually, I would give anything to be sooooo excited, that I have been counting down the sleeps for the last month, like my husband.

And, it hasn’t been since being completely obsessed by the first season of Breaking Bad, or the early episodes of Lost (before it turned rubbish) that have felt the compulsive urgency to put the kids to bed early, just to jump in front of the T.V screen.

Flashing back to that time, I loved that feeling! That overwhelming need to see how long ‘Heisingburg’ could possibly conceal his identity, and I really wish that I could just get into the World Cup in the same way, and be truly passionate about it, and for it to  also be ‘my everything’.

I DID try to get into it, honestly!. When Michael was salivating with sheer excitement reading through his itinerary, I did pay attention, and I even tried to envisage the stadiums, the fanatical supporters, the players,the atmosphere, (the Brazilian g string wearing woman I left to Mick to dream about)…..but I’m afraid I, unlike he, just didn’t get it.

I wonder, if there were 22 young David Beckham’s or Jamie Rednapps running around the pitch if I would feel any differently.  That sounds incredibly superficial, but believe me, it certainly helps if the talent on show is of the more ‘attractive’ variety! Why do you think Brad Pitt made millions of dollars more than his ugly, but far better actor counterparts?

I’m curious to know if it is because I subconsciously resent this years World Cup. After all, I am left holding the household fort, while Mick is off sightseeing, picture taking, beer drinking, football watching,and no doubt Copacobana Beach G string spotting!

But I don’t think it’s that.

I then found myself questioning if it was because I don’t have my football loving family around me.

You see, I grew up in a household with two brothers and a ‘mad for NUFC’ father. Maybe during my childhood I secretly absorbed some of their passion, and even I,  shouted with sheer joy alongside my dad when Becks got that decider against Greece that got us to the World Cup.

But I honestly don’t think it’s that either.

As I see it, I have less than 24 hours to find a way, any way at all, that I, (along with 9 out of 10 0f the Croatian male population) will be setting the alarm for silly o clock, to watch the home nation Brazil take on Croatia for the opening match.

Or, I may just hit the snooze button.

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