They lost, and yet they still won.

My favourite thing about living in Australia is not the golden sandy beaches as you may expect, It isn’t the beautiful sunshine. or the outdoor way of life. Nor is it that I can go out for a swanky meal dressed like a ‘dag’ in a tatty T shirt , and a pair of flip flops without being frowned upon (other than by my wife, who thinks I should make more of an effort!)

What I love most about Australia Is the Australian attitude.

As a nation, the Aussies just radiate positivity, pride and passion.

And never more so than after today’s game against The Netherlands.


What a game! This absolute thriller had it all……… Goals, (Timmy’s wonder goal deserves a special mention), controversy, penalties, nail bitting clock watching  (I will hang onto those 4 short minutes of feeling victorious for a long time to come.)

crowds reaction to the wonder goal.crowds reaction to the wonder goal.


Our boys went into this game knowing that their opposition had absolutely thrashed Spain by 5.1 in the previous round, and yet, not once, did the boys look like their heads were down, and well and truly gave as good as they got.

The way that the entire Australian team have approached the World Cup has been fantastic. Ange Postecoglou has worked wonders with the player’s attitude and composure. Let’s not forget that they came into the competition as the underdogs, and yet, now leave as a team that gave it their all, and will be considered by many, as truly worthy opponents.

Actually, One of my English Facebook friends summed it up perfectly. “Hat’s off to Australian footballers, who just never gave up hope”

Yes, they have lost both games so far, and yet, rather than seeing the loss that it obviously was, the nation sees only the positives, and have just rolled with it!

“Fearsome, fabulous.”  “Heartbroken, but immensely proud”  “Socceroos set new bench mark”  were all headlines from today’s broadcasters. The way that the Australian media has rallied the troops, instead of deflating the team is to be admired. I, for one much prefer to read positive, constructive press articles written by journalists that have the ‘glass half full, not empty ‘ mentality.

Most of the Aussies that I have chatted to are already looking forward to next years Asian Cup, and are thinking even further down the track, about how good our young guns can be in four years time.

Even though there is still one game to go in this World Cup campaign, The Socceroos’ supporters are already counting down the 1450 days until the next one kicks off in Russia 2018.




  1. Very good read. Dad enjoyed match.

  2. Charlie says:

    great article Michael, really nice to hear that summary of Australian’s positivity from someone who grew up with EPL football.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Charlie, well now that I’m officially and Australian the result really did hurt and after putting in such an amazing performance in both matches we deserved to go further. Lets hope we beat Spain in our final match.

  3. Awesome article mate, what a buzz it was to be there.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Stefan mate
      It was the best match of the World Cup so far and will go down in World Cup Classics plus to see Timmy score that wonder goal live was priceless. Bring on Spain

  4. Well written sir, ecstatic that a bloke like yourself have brought your family to set up camp with us in Valo. Look forward to following your career going forward. And well played socceroos!

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Dennis. It a pleasure and joy to be living in Valo. I look forward to you introducing yourself to me down the bowl some time so we can share a beer

  5. Done!

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