They opened up Brazil, like a can of tuna!

Wow 7-1, Yes, thats right 7-1!

Last night I set my alarm for 5.45am (Australian time) so that I could be up in time to watch the 1st semi final match. Two of the World’s greatest teams: Brazil, the host nation versus Germany.

semi final

Brazil have not been very convincing in their performances so far this World cup, and have stuttered and stumbled their way through the tournament so far, unlike other Brazilian teams over the years that have blown teams away…….. but maybe they were saving the best until last.

Unfortunately, they would be missing two of their most valuable players: Neymar (fractured vertebrae) and their captain Silva (suspension.) Neymar’s attacking qualities and Silva’s respected leadership would obviously be a massive miss for the team, But, as I have witnessed first hand the overwhelming support for the home nation, I really thought that with the crowd advantage, and enough talent throughout the rest of the team, that they could still make it into the finals, (or so I thought!)

Germany, on the other hand have been impressive from start to finish. And now find themselves facing one more victory to become World Cup holders.

Germany ALWAYS seem to be in the World Cup semi finals and ALWAYS beat England on Penalties! (scarred childhood memories of Chris Waddle’s miss)

This is no fluke…. this is down to MENTAL TOUGHNESS.  A WILL to WIN, STAFF PREPARATION, and TEAM PLAYERS (instead of relying on individuals to carry a team through like Portugal and Brazil did)


So the match was about to kick off and I was lying on the lounge with my cup of tea in hand trying to get comfortable for what I thought would be the game of the tournament so far because of the attacking abilities of both teams. My cup of tea had not even had time to cool down when Germany went 1-0 up after 11 mins thanks to Muller. Yet again, another set play goal from Germany, only this time it was not the movement or quality of the set play but the defensive frailties of Brazil (in particular David Luiz who left Muller all alone in the box) and he duly scored a close range volley.

Germany then seemed to go into cruise control and Brazil looked shell shocked (if only they knew what was to come)

After 23 minutes the deadlock was broken again, and this time it was Klose “the German goal scoring machine” making it 2-0. This goal made history as it was his 16 World Cup goal which made him the all time leading goalscorer in World Cup history overtaking Brazilian Ronaldo by one. Klose does not get all the hype surrounding other players who have flair and pace but that why I like this striker so much, because he just does what he is paid to do…..score goals, which makes him the ultimate goal poacher.



So I took to twitter to read all the comments about Klose’s goal and his record breaking achievemant when it became 3-0, 4-0 and then 5-0 ???? Seriously, what the hell was going on!,

29 minutes into a World Cup semi final and the host nation were 5-0 down. I could not believe what I was seeing and thought that I was dreaming and my alarm bell had not gone yet sounded! ( I actually pinched myself to see if it hurt and make sure I was awake). Yes, it hurt and yes, I was awake!.

The Brazilian team went into melt down, and their defensive inadequacies came to light.

Germany scored some of the best team goals in World Cup history due to their unselfishness in front of goal. Players that were happy to set teammates up to score, because they are in better goal scoring positions instead of wanting the limelight for themselves. The passing and combinational play in the final 3rd was amazing to watch and they opened up Brazil, like a pulling the ring pull on can of tuna.

David Luiz who was wearing the armband in place of Silva could only look on in total disbelief. Luiz has just been sold to PSG for $80 million dollars and after the first 30 mins looked like a 80 cent player.

Even the Christ De Redeemer had seen enough and moved his arms for the 1st time in history.


They say managers earn their money just before kick off, and at their half time team talk. Well……it’s a good job that Scolari already had earned quite a pay packet before this match! (what on earth could he possibly say to his players, when everything around them had just crumbled in the previous 45 minutes.)

To be fair, Brazil did come out and have a go early on in the second half, creating a number of goalscoring opportunities. But, when you have Neuer (The very best goal keeper in the World) with his brilliance as a stopper, it is hard for Brazil to find the back of the net. To my disbelief, once again Germany counter attacked and scored two more goals taking their tally to 7.

I must say that I felt sorry for the Brazilians losing like this in their own back yard, but for any ‘neutral’ watching the way Germany played, they should feel blessed to have witnessed such a fantastic match and incredible performance from a team.

Finally Brazil did score a goal to make it 7-1 and I took to twitter again to make a joke about the scorers name Oscar.

Give that man an “Oscar” I tweeted.

So, to wrap it all up…… Germany a “Team” full of class, passion, quality and above all, they have a team with no individuals, they are no bigger then the team itself unlike other teams we have seen leave the tournament early.

I can’t wait to set my alarm clock again tomorrow morning, and watch the next semi final between my pick Argentina and Holland. Will we have an all European Final? or will Argentina make it South America v Europe?.

Less than 24 hours to find out!



  1. aussieblonk says:

    Body language of Brazilian players has been poor, from day1. Fred, from what i’ve observed, seems to be, friendless. Neymar Jnr, brilliant, but clearly has issues with the likes of Fred, Oscar, maybe even Tiago. I had no problem with Neymar not playing, but Tiago left huge void. My money was on Germany & had confidence in 3-1 scoreline. But after 2nd goal, Hulk, Oscar & a few others, had dropped their heads, already looking for someone to blame. Well, personally, I would blame their defence…oh, hang on, there wasn’t one! I’d also say without fear of contradiction, the first half offered up by the Brazil midfield was, pathetic.Got my money, have Argentina to beat Holland, backed Germany to win World Cup weeks ago, yet still no satisfaction…7-1 is a score i’d love to see from Melbourne Victory v Perth Glory, rather not see it again from ANY World Cup game, in the future.

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