Unlike Tuesday’s, Friday’s are great!

Today was off to a positive start.

Kids made it to school on time, (one step up from yesterday!) They were fed, watered, homework completed, (all be it to a slightly lower standard than I had initially hoped), lunches packed, hair combed..and, all without the usual frantic rush out the door.

(O.k, so what if I had to quickly rub toothpaste off their faces as the school bell rang?…..at least we were actually AT the school gates to do this.)

The next positive event that occurred this morning is that the hubby went out for a run. This may seem like an insignificant event, but this is fantastic news for two reasons!

The first being, that he obviously feels that the arm is healing well enough to stand up to a bit of a bounce, but secondly, and soooooo much more importantly……………..that the man that has maintained a fit looking physique (thanks to his playing career) throughout our 14 year relationship,  in retirement, STILL cares about his appearance, YAY!!!.

(I told a slight fib in that last paragraph, there was a very short period in which an injured Mick put on a couple of kilo’s. The timing of this weight gain was a bit unfortunate for him and to this day, Mick cringes at our wedding pictures! But, back then it was entirely due to an achilles injury, that I knew would heal.  I never doubted that those ab’s would once again make a welcomed appearance!)

The thing is, Mick and me, well, we just love our food!

I know I may look like a skinny, ‘polelike’ person but I can honestly, (and my friends will testify)……… ‘out eat’ most men.  I thank great genes for giving me the luxury of having a high metabolism.  My mum assured me that this was the same for her………..until on her 35th birthday when she was handed a’ you are what you eat’ gift from the devil.

So, as I see it, I have two years left to engorge on the good stuff, and will enjoy every single moment of it. Mick on the other hand, loves food, but either has to burn it off, or face the consequences.

I was secretly worried that he may see his injury, and his retirement, as an excuse to ‘pig out’.  I realise that I should never have doubted him, and “I’m truly sorry honey”  but like so many football retirees before him, I was petrified that he would well………………….widen!

enjoying retirement too much!

So, now you see that by him going on this run, by the arm being on the mend, and by not being the next Maradona………………

I truly am thanking the heavens it’s Friday!






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